International Building Physics Toolbox


is a set of Matlab/Simulink libraries and models, which are specially designed for heat, air and moisture transfer analyses in buildings.


The toolbox and the site were initiated in 2002 by two research teams - the Building Physics research group from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the Department of Civil Engineering from Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen.


From the start, the ambition is to make the toolbox available, as an open source and for free downloading, to the researchers, students and practitioners in the building physics area.This website is created as a virtual meeting point and as a place for sharing the models, manuals and experiences.


As all work related to IBPT is volontary, the support is provided mainly through the instructions given in documents and manuals.


Updated July 2012








ibpt webpage recovered, July 2012 »
The site has been recently reconstructed and all downloads are available as before.


Users' models required»
All former and current users of the IBPT models are welcome to contribute to the toolbox.






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ibpt   International Building Physics Toolbox in Simulink