Start kit


General report explains architecture of models and signals.


IBPT manual shows how to build up models from the IBPT blocks.





Examples of the users' models


Over the time the IBPT libraries have been substantially developed by different users. For example, there is a library for the simulation of VOCs in indoor air, a hybrid 3D models for thermal analyses of the floor heating system, etc. 


Unfortunatelly, we haven't been able to keep a proper update about each development. Some ideas about the work that has been done so far can be seen through the published articles (below) or through the course material (see downloads).


Indoor air pressure and wall with dynamic insulation (HA-Tools)


VOCs in indoor air (VOC-Tools)


Contamination of concrete with VOCs (HAM-VOC- Tools)


Hybrid 2D/3D floor heating model (H-Tools)


Ventilated attics (HAM-Tools). Journal Building and Environment (55) 2012. Available through ScienceDirect.




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