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  • gains


See CTH HAM-Tools documentation provided through the package IBPT-2.







  • errors with simulations longer than one year


Earlier versions of the auxiliary files weatherconv.m and irradh.m could read time strings (of weather data files) of the length of up to one year. This has been changed and the time strings are not more limited. The updated files weatherconv.m and irradh.m can be dowloaded together with the libraries packages.


  • errors in newer versions of Matlab and Simulink


MATLAB R2012a has introduced stricter rules for case-match of features. Since the auxiliary file weatherconv.m depends on three other files - sun.m, irrad.m and irradh.m, and these were written in capital letters (i.e. SUN, IRRAD and IRRADH. ) in the earlier IBPT libraries, the error occurs. Simply re-name the files by using the small letters. The updated files can be dowloaded together with the libraries packages.


Comment July 31, 2012: Unfortunately, it seems that the HAM-Tools models do not run in Matlab 2011b because of the updates made on selector blocks or similar. Any solutions of the problem is highly appreciated! As soon as it is found, the models will be updated.

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