is a Simulink library that contains blocks/models for the analysis of heat transfer through building envelopes and whole buildings. These models are also termed H-Tools.


IBPT-1 package encloses:


  • library                              IBPT_1.mdl

  • block documentation         CTH_Documentation.pdf, DTU_Documentation.pdf
  • material data                    CTH_database.mat, DTU_database.mat
  • weather data                    weather.mat (TRY for Copenhagen)
  • auxiliary files                    sun.m, irrad.m, irradh.m, weatherconv.m
  • examples                         CTH_Exercise.mdl, DTU_Excercise.mdl





is an upgrade of IBPT-1. Besides H-Tools, IBPT-2 contains also HAM-Tools, which is a library with the models for combined heat, air and moisture transfer analysis of building envelopes and whole buildings. 


IBPT-2 package encloses:


    • library                               IBPT_2.mdl

    • block documentation          CTH_HAM-Tools documentation.pdf, HAM-Tools validation.pdf

    • material data                     CTH_database.mat, (OBS! different than the one provided with IBPT-1)

    • weather data                      weather.mat (same as in IBPT-1)

    • auxiliary files                     sun.m, irrad.m, irradh.m, weatherconv.m, (same as in IBPT-1)

    • examples                          Basement_StinaW.mdl


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